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Our Atelier


Our Craft

We love the traditional craft of goldsmithing, which has been handed down from one master to the next. Every piece of jewellery is made in house in our Edinburgh workshop and will be hand made from scratch. We believe in making jewellery the traditional way and that hand making produces the most beautiful characteristics and the best and longest lasting quality. No pre made parts or computer aided design will be used.

About Livia Schlegel

Goldsmith & Designer

"Ever since the first time I set foot into a goldsmith workshop, I knew that I would want to work in a place just like this one. A place filled with creativity, knowledge and skills, handed down from one craftsperson to the next. I knew I would want to be surrounded by old tools and the sense of tradition. 

I was very lucky to get the opportunity to learn the craft in one of the best and most well known workshops in my hometown of Basel, Switzerland. After four years of learning how to hand make jewellery as well as some silver objects from scratch at Lang Goldschmied, a traditional family run workshop in third generation, I graduated and received my "EFZ Goldschmiedin".

I then moved to beautiful Edinburgh and quickly gained ground in the trade, working at Edinburgh Jewellery Repair for a while and then at Laings for two years. Having worked in different workshops, both in Switzerland and Scotland, I decided I was ready to take the next step.

It was time to start doing what I believe in, jewellery that is unique, durable and hand made from start to finish."


Our gemstones and precious metal  

We will always provide you with as much information about the origin of our materials as we can. The precious metals we work with are 100 percent recycled and we can work with fair trade gold where preferred. We always try to trace our gem stones back to their origin, as far as we can to ensure that they were ethically sourced and conflict free. We are always happy to talk to you about the traceability of our stones.

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